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Note: The same UFC program can now be studied at our centers in other various African countries. Such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, and Nigeria. For details consult us through

University Foundation Course-UFC In Hamburg – Germany

The Elite-Diplomatic Applicants

We are enrolling the elite students from all over the world to come and study the UFC in Hamburg, the city of Germany.

Target Group And Study Progression

  • The program is mainly for the Ordinary Levels(O-Levels), IGCSE, or equivalent secondary school certificate holders which is not a qualification to go straight into the spcialised bachelor’s degree.
  • Hence, the UFC pathway which is equivalent to the German Studienkolleg system or the A-levels’s Cambridge international system.
  • Therefore, firstly you will take any of the streams or pathways, described further below, leading to your specilised undergratuade course, e.g, medicine, engineering, business, accounting, Information Technology(IT), and more.
  • The UFC is valid for 12 months or two semesters only.
  • Upon passing the UFC in 3 to 4 modules you will proceed onto the specialised degree at the Central Hamburg University-CHU or any other state sponsored university within Germany, or you may choose to further study at any other local or international university in the world.
  • The German State universities offer free tuion degrees!

Study Region:

Hamburg, North of Germany

Study Streams

  • Science & Technology Stream – STS:

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology, German.

Specific subject combinations from the STS are tailord for the following bachelor degrees: mathematical and scientific courses, medical and biological courses , technical courses.

  • Business & Humanities Stream – BHS:

Mathematics, Sociology, Business Studies, Information Technology, German.

Specific subject combinations from the BHS are tailord for the following bachelor degrees: humanities, art , history, law, social sciences and related courses; business and administration courses.

The Full Fees:

  • Tuition Fee: €8,000.00 for the whole complete 12months course.
  • Application & Consultation Fee(ACF): €200.00, non-refundable. This covers assessing your documents, certificates, and consultancy.
  • Bank Blocked Account(BBA): For your upkeep in Germany, you will need about €860.00 per month. This fee includes accommodation; upkeep; health insurance; clothes, etc. Therefore, you will need to open your own bank account in Germany before you arrive in Hamburg. In it you will deposit a sum of €10,500 to 11,000.00 valid for one year. From it you will only be allowed to be widrawing a maximum of €860.00 for your monthly personal expences. Without the BBA you will not receive your Visa!

Insentives To Our Students:

  • Enjoy the Africa, European Union, Europe, and global educational exchange programs.
  • Inter-European tourism travels.
  • Scholatships to the best students at bachelor degree study.
  • Free entrepreneurship course
  • Free Counseling and Winning Mindset-CWM course
  • Assistance in processing your family’s visas intending to join you at our campus.
  • And more!

Living In Germany

For details about living in Hamburg visit these links: