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Diversity Learning Institute (DLI Germany), soon Central Hamburg University- CHU, was founded in 2010 in the city of Hamburg in Germany. The initial purpose of its founding was to offer the German language in underdeveloped countries where a lot of migrants showed interest to visit Germany for various reasons, such as tourism, business, further studies, and marriage.

Later on, DLI Germany climbed up another ladder by introducing other programs like the Education Exchange Program (EEP), Study in Germany Affordably (SiGA), Professional English for You (PEfY) for Germans, and German companies, and more.

In 2015 DLI opened another department called Get Your Way (GYW) – a refugee project which teaches German and intercultural training to refugees. Furthermore, we offer a lot of consultancies to them which include studying working in Germany, integration issues, etc.

Currently, we have added more programs which include Cambridge International AS & A Levels, Associate degrees, Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. programs in cooperation with our partner

universities in England, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and the United States.

Our main objective is to offer internationally recognized and affordable tertiary education to the underdeveloped nations with full practical exposure to Germany.

All of the above-mentioned achievements and implementations have been made possible by our team members from different backgrounds and nationalities based in Germany, Zambia, Poland, Ukraine, England, the USA, and Ghana.

DLI takes a keen interest in Social work. We take care of the orphans and the street kids in Africa through our partner the Twikatane Germany NGO.


Germany:  Elmshorn-Hamburg   Contact  Email   info.chu@diversitylearninginstitute.org

Our collaborative satellite links are in the  following countries

Ukraine:     Headquarters of Eastern Europe – Kyiv

England:    West Midlands Open College (WMOC) – Walsall

Poland:      Lazarski University – Warsaw

USA:          Atlantic International University(AIU), Hawaii

Africa:     South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Angola, Malawi,  

Main Cooperating, Assessing And Certifying Boards

1. Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), England, UK

Advanced Levels & Advance Subsidiary Levels

2. The Atlantic International University (AIU), USA; Kyiv Slavonic University, Ukraine; Lazarski University, Poland

Associate degrees

Undergraduate degrees

Master degrees

Doctor of Philosophy – Ph.D. Degree

3. The West Midlands Open College (WMOC), England, UK

University Foundation Courses (UFCs)

Business & Commercial Programs

English and German Languages

”Be exposed to the greatest economy in the European Union, Germany!”

”With student internships in the German companies”

Educational Exchange Program (EEP) with German Schools

Our German Students Live Exchange With Zambia-Africa

This is our department which brings together the German schools/institutions to those in Zambia, Ghana, Morocco, Ukraine, the USA, England, and Poland, as our member countries.

Through our EEP, the schools from the underdeveloped countries are exposed to Germany and other European Union countries. Who gets exposed? School heads, administrators, teaching staff, and the students/pupils.
Within EEP are various activities which include the German Club(GC), Students’ Live-Skype with Germans, Touring Germany, German Language (GL) classes which prepare the students and those bound to travel to Germany on our EEP, and many more!

Your School Benefits Staff Benefits:

Exposure to the educational systems in Germany and Europe.

Enhances the credibility of your school.

Your school staff will have access to a lot of educational and leadership conferences and seminars held in Germany and Europe.

Fund-raise, equipment and other material donations from the Germany/European organizations

Your school will be twined with other schools based in Germany.

Through DLI, your school staff will receive scholarships to study at DLI or any other university in Germany.

Further travels to our partner universities, schools, and institutes based in England, Ukraine, Poland, and the USA.

Your school will time to time host the German-based school leadership. That is the teachers and the pupils through the EEP. This will include the EEP German teachers teaching German language and other subjects in your school at no cost!

Attending various training sessions for your staff. Classes will be held in your country and various states of Germany.

Germany has a deficiency of over 55,000 teachers. Your members will have greater chances to work attachments in the German schools….and many more!

Students Benefits:

DLI and partners in Germany will introduce EEP in your school. Your students will have interactions with German friends. Initially, through live Skype. Later real tours to Germany will be organized.

The students will take part in various European debates, especially those taking place in our member country England.

Your school will appoint students who will be the DLI International Ambassadors (DIAs). These will total 8. 4 from the senior level, and the other from the junior level. The DIAs will act as student leaders between Zambia and Germany…….and many more!

DLI As An AU Pair Agency

On the 21st of November 2019, DLI became an AU Pair agency in Germany.

We took this route in order to help the poor and the needy youths who would like to further study their bachelor degrees in Germany, but they have no resources or finances to support their study period in Germany.  Through AU Pair one can easily fit into the German host family which provides accommodation, foods, a monthly salary, and other incentives. On the other hand, the student on AU pair will pay back to the family by getting involved in the house chores which includes taking care of the child/children in that family. 

Social Responsibility

CHU-DLI Germany and TeV

CHU-DLI Germany partners with Twikatane Germany e.V (TeV) or NGO in various social activities tailored to helping the orphans, street children in Zambia and other third world countries.

We also help the refugees in various activities, which includes coaching and teaching German language, job search, counseling, school and university continuity, and more!

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